Datagridview not updating

Hello, Please help or guide me in updating a database with changes made on a datagridview. So it's throwing a Null exception error at the update feature in the Cell End Edit event. Do you really need to use Cell Content Click and Cell End Edit?The grid is filled with the data via a dataadapter. Data synchronisation typically doesn't require this level of control.This is accomplished by attaching the Binding Source component to your data source using the Data Source property. Is there a way to update the database with changes made to the datagridview without using a button click?

If you solved the task of unbound Data Grid View population for the first time, you could write code like this to create the Data Grid View on the screenshot above: You should know about two more tricks that can be used to improve the situation with Data Grid View slow population even more.First, check whether you do not use an auto-size mode for Data Grid View columns: the Data Grid View can be slow not only when you add data to it, but even when the platform needs to repaint Data Grid View.As soon as you edit and move away from a row it will update.The Save button in the example is just, I believe, a convenience method to allow users to commit changes to the current row.NET Framework decided to hide it for Data Grid View.

Fortunately, there are several ways to access this functionality in Data Grid View to improve its slow rendering. NET reflection: Note that we recommend that you check whether Data Grid View is not used in a client application under remote desktop as enabling double buffering in this environment may make Data Grid View rendering even slower.Slow Data Grid View rendering can be fixed using so called double buffering.It is a technique used to draw a control’s contents to a temporary buffer and then copying the whole control image on the screen, which may greatly reduce or prevent flickering. NET controls have the public Boolean property that allows the developer to easily enable double buffering, but for some unknown reasons the authors of the . NET developer using the Win Forms package faced situations when the stock Data Grid View was slow.When developers try to use it in a more or less serious application, they see that Data Grid View can be slow in rendering, scrolling, filtering or populating it with data.But don’t be very optimistic if you need to implement filtering in the control.