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Be careful with what you share online, no matter how much you trust the person you are messaging.

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Sometimes who you’re communicating with and where they are located is as important as what you say to each other.

You must protect your location and identity, and the location and identity of your assets — all while on the go in a global mobile environment.

An open online environment such as a public chatroom means that anyone can take part in a conversation.

Don’t end up a victim of the multiple payment online purchase scam.

Be wary of job advertisements that promise easy money because there will always be a catch to it.

It is astounding when we sit back and think about just how far communication has come in recent history.

Instant messaging (IM), ‘direct messaging’ and ‘chat’ are messages sent (and received) in real time over the internet.

You can also video chat if you have a computer or device with a webcam/camera.

The internet makes staying in touch with friends and family easier.

You might talk to your friends online after school or work, or to friends and family that live far away.

Conversations usually take place when both people are online. IM apps such as Whatsapp and Kik are similar to sending an SMS or texting.