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There are several baseless rumors circulating on the Internet claiming to be part of or affiliated with a Coca-Cola-sponsored promotion or marketing program.We've gathered some of those rumors here so that you can easily get the facts about these false claims.

The jobs listed on the sites or in the emails are not real, we are not a sponsor, and our name and trademarks are used here without permission.

We are currently investigating the situation with the appropriate authorities.

Subject: NOTIFICATION OF THE ANNUAL MID-YEAR COCA-COLA PROMOTIONAL DRAW This is to notify you on the 2006 annual mid-year coca-cola promo result which holds in this depot yearly.

The 2006 edition was shifted from its usual presentation month of July to August because of the upgrades in our systems which occured during the month of July.

In some cases, the perpetrators have contacted the victims and falsely claimed to hire them in order to obtain additional personal and financial information and in some cases have asked them to cash fraudulent checks and send them money.

The Coca-Cola Company is in no way associated with this website.

Wondering about something you've seen or heard about our company or our beverages?

Around the world an increasing volume of information is circulating on the Internet -- through chat rooms, message boards, email chain letters and websites. Regular Internet users are all too familiar with the various scams and rumors circulated on the World Wide Web.

NOTE: This sample list does not include all Coca-Cola email hoaxes in circulation.

Other hoaxes may exist and may not be included here.

Joan a little girl of 5 yrs old was to pick one email from the wholesome of the email addresses in the box in a random mode, and ticket Reference number *44neh19xxfcoca5ecc* which had this email address was selected by Joan.