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The Tanner's Bookstore in Utah was, for a long time, the only place to obtain critical information about Mormonism.The reality is that perhaps the majority of information from every critic's site, as well as sites like Mormon Think, owe their information to Gerald and Sandra Tanner and the work they pioneered in uncovering and documenting the secrets of Mormonism.

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Their bookstore is the only actual brick & mortar bookstore that is devoted to exposing all the detailed information about Mormonism that is not openly taught by the LDS Church. by Jerald & Sandra Tanner Mormon Think Review: This is a great book to have on your bookshelf.

You can look up just about any significant issue in Mormonism from this one resource. Sections of his book are provided in both the Moroni Visitation and Nephi Or Moroni sections.

Most evident while reading was the author's attitude. I invite you to see info on the book at can order it at my bookstore where I have a discount for Mormon Think readers.

From PREFACE through AFTER THOUGHTS his treatment of this subject was open minded and fair. Use the code MT when you check out and this brings the price down to .95, well below Amazon.

The impression that hit me the hardest after finishing this first of 5 volumes is how thorough the Mormon Church indoctrinates its members.

It is a conditioning that begins at the cradle forming a cognitive focus incapable of seeing its own limitations.

Not only are membership numbers inflated, generally, but the crisis is deeper than the paragraph implies.

My publisher has already agreed to change the wording at the first opportunity. I would love to hear whether you think the Mormon Church is changing its view on God, in relation to the doctrine of exaltation.

The Appendix A through N are replete with a detailed accounting of early Mormon bigamy, complete with references.

Whitefield makes it easy to follow the bigamous habits of not just Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, but all of the early church leaders.

In these five volume's Mormonism is shown to be a hoax of proportions so enormous it challenges the imagination.