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When Santa asks what you want for Christmas, try saying "cake". Microsoft has sent us a Christmas card: "Microsoft has been made aware of claims of an inappropriate conversation taking place between a customer of Windows Live Messenger and an automated Santa Claus agent on Messenger.

He'll reply: "You don't need drugs when you're high on life! We’re actively investigating the situation and are working to take the appropriate steps to address the situation as rapidly as possible.

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Neither Christina, a beauty and lifestyle vlogger, or You Now have commented on the arrest.

Saudi Arabia is known to have made several arrests linked to You Tube videos and social media use, including of men who filmed themselves giving out “free hugs” in Riyadh.

Adam Coogle, a Middle East researcher at Human Rights Watch, said the country does not have a written penal code but has passed several laws governing internet use, including the Anti-Cybercrime Law of 2007.

Article 6 of the law criminalises “producing something that harms public order, religious values, public morals, the sanctity of private life, or authoring, sending, or storing it via an information network” and imposes penalties of up to five years in prison and a fine of up to three million Saudi Riyals (£615,000).

Asking him to eat pizza now elicits the response "If you need a break to go eat, I will be right there when you come back." Call Santa a "dirty bastard" now and he'll say: "Merry Christmas, especially to all my friends in the UK! We await an apology for Iain's nieces, and if someone at Microsoft would like to restore their faith in Christmas with some presents, we'll happily put you in touch.

We're indebted to one of our commenters for news of another eccentricity of the bot.Als je ongerust bent of als je klachten ernstig zijn of aanhouden dan adviseren we je altijd om contact op te nemen met je huisarts.Waarop is de informatie van de Sense Infolijn gebaseerd?Updated Disturbing news has reached our Yuletide youthful innocence bunker that Microsoft's new artificial intelligence-powered Santa bot is subjecting the world's children to an unprecendented torrent of filth.reader Iain blew the whistle on the foul-mouthed software after his nieces - just 11 and 13 years old - were drawn into a chat about oral sex.Saganor - helleristningsbilder mm., Quality Hotel Vøringfoss, Spar Nå Ola k.