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But their devotion and religiosity aren’t really connected to their villainy, it seems.

It’s never really clear what role work camps play in their ideology, only that they seem entitled to use them.

Far Cry 5 is accurately described as a game whose social commentary is toothless.

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Throw shovels like javelins, chase them with helicopters, etc.But some of your allies don’t really have the problem with that that you’d expect.Enter Paster Jerome Jeffries, minister of Fall’s End and a dedicated ally, a man who quotes the New Testament while liberating you from the back of a crashed van. Load you with drugs until you’re a murder zombie bad.He paints the main character as their deliverer, and carries a gun in his Bible. Flamethrowers and crucifixions, work camps and brainwashing.In an industry that relies so heavily on image and brand, their decision to cut against the current and reconnect to their music in it's most primordial forms has lead to the growth from Kera and the Lesbians to simply KERA.

This change is marked by a number of creative endeavors; their debut EP / film Fall.

Hurk Jr, a stalwart companion, talks about how initially he wanted to join the cult, but they had too many rules.

Adelaide, a helicopter pilot, talks about them like an inconvenience rather than an occupying force.

It’s synonymous with “The badguys” from the opening cinematic. Some kind of faux-Nietzschean, neo-Christian will to power thing. The Project at Eden’s Gate embraces people of any race or gender, which seems like a disingenuous attempt to disconnect it from a lot of the other ways it employs white supremacist rhetoric.

They reject the Bible for their own book, and employ a lot of the Christian imagery and symbolism that one expects, as well as only the most badass of Biblical quotes.

The Project at Eden’s gate hides guns like squirrels hide nuts.