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We've following the characters' love lives for 11 seasons already. So, these are the Real-Life partners of the cast of The Big Bang Theory: 1. From popular TV hosts to Hollywood golden age actresses, from country music artists and the royal family members to western movies acting legends.

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"To have a hit show," Kaley offered, "you have to have characters that are lovable.

These guys are so lovable, and they're charming and they're non-offensive and they're not in your face.

Kaley laughed, "Oh my God, he was just telling me that last night. " (Photo Credit: Getty Images) Then, wrapping things up by answering the question about her personal geekiness, she added, "I am a total Western horse geek girl! I spend my days I'm not working at the ranch cleaning up horse manure, and feeding the horses, and I immerse myself in that world. I could stay there till the sun goes down; in fact, that's where I'm going right after we're finished here. I ride every horse that's out there, and just enjoy it so much.

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Did you know the truth about the member of Big Bang Theory cast who is married to a top model? We will tell the truth about her relationship and proposal. Christine Baranski is absolutely opposite to her screen character in real life.

We prepared the list of The Big Bang Theory Actors Real Life Family.

was initially built off the potential relationship between Ross and Rachel.

The two had known each other since high school, and Ross had a crush on Rachel almost the whole time.

And my character is not this raging sexpot who women don't want to watch and men are bothered by. I think people are falling in love with Leonard and Sheldon, and a lot of these characters, and they want them to do well.