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The youngest Sutherland, 29-year-old Sarah, is an actress as well (are you actually surprised? Sarah got her first acting role in 2012 on a show called Veep and is still a regular, where she plays the VP’s daughter.Sarah has also appeared in an episode of The Newsroom.

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Ava is now 17 years old and looking towards her college years.

She is very adamant on being her own person, separate from her famous parents.

Sofia has started modeling recently, grabbing her more attention (in addition to her relationship woes).

She is as gorgeous as her parents and as talented to boot.

It was the trial that shook the entire country and was probably one of the most controversial cases in U. It’s been 23 years since then, and these days, Sydney is all grown up and at 31 years old she has managed to build a decent life for herself.

She graduated with a BA in Sociology from Boston University and has been working in the real estate industry and owns several properties.When she was just a little girl, Sydney’s famous father, O.J Simpson, stood trial for the alleged and very brutal murder of her mother, Nicole Brown Simpson.All of this makes us adore this young one even more!Hailie is the beloved daughter of rapper Eminem (also known as Marshall Mathers). Most of us know her name from her dad’s songs, specifically, Hailie’s Song.Growing up in a family that is constantly bombarded the press and tugged at by adoring fans can have either a negative or positive affect on a young psyche.