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Some of the chastity belts were reportedly even padded to avoid cutting or scratching the woman wearing it.

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The texts suggest that the belts were used during the Crusades when men would leave their wives to fight in wars.

While they were gone, their wives would be outfitted with a chastity belt to prevent temptation and preserve their faithfulness until their husbands returned with the key.

While this may have been a common worry, there is little proof that men actually forced their wives to lock up their bodies to assuage their fears.

However, there is no denying that chastity belts were made at some point since there are many of them on display across the world.Seattle-based four-piece Chastity Belt tell tales of everything from 20-feet tall, havoc reeking vaginas, drunken hunger-driven quests for chippies at house parties, through having the odd “nip slip”, right to the process of figuring out how to be softer and kinder to yourself.Originally from eastern Washington, the band kicked things off in 2010 when they played a (kind of jokingly, kind of not) set at a broey fraternity’s Battle of the Bands – they’ve since put out three records that combine full, sluggish sad-pop with beaming, post punk guitar riffs.While the belief that women should remain chaste is not a myth, the idea that chastity belts were employed to physically lock them up probably is.We will link the artist's page to the account you are signed in with now.According to Classon, these devices were most likely created as jokes, never intended to be taken seriously and never actually used.