American women dating persian men

Many female travellers tend to be concerned about the dress code, which is understandable as it’s something that some of us aren’t used to.

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To say “hello,” you would use “,” which means, “may God protect you.” Physical greetings are generally restricted to members of the same gender — men only kiss other men and women kiss other women.If you meet on the street, a handshake is the more common greeting.Education for women is obligatory and universal, and women now occupy more than 60 percent of university seats.The literacy rate for women is close to that of men, which is very high at around 90 percent for women under 25 years of age.Iranians tend to protest compliments and belittle their own accomplishments in an attempt to appear humble.

In adherence to If you are invited to an Iranian's house — and trust me, you likely will be — there are a few things you need to observe.Everyone was dressing that way, so it felt natural and I blended in right away.Since ancient Silk Days, Iranians have been accustomed to having travellers as guests.Many Iranian women also wear a , or trench coat with long sleeves, that usually falls below the knee.It’s a false belief that women face limitation in the colour of their clothing; there are absolutely no restrictions in colour when it comes to the dress code. Stick to t-shirts and long pairs of pants or trousers, as well as covered shoes.From my personal interactions, I found that many Iranian women are educated, well-spoken and independent.