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CIS is one of the few international schools in Singapore to offer all three International Baccalaureate programmes, from Primary Years through to the Diploma Programme.

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They are encouraged to build on their natural curiosity and develop strong communication skills that will enable them to connect with people both on a local and global level.

CIS teaches students the value of resilience, giving them the confidence to pursue an idea from inception to completion, as well as providing them with the necessary skills to overcome the barriers they may encounter along the way.

Faculty adopt a student-centric approach which ensures that programme development, curriculum and assessment are driven by what is best for children and their learning, across the K-12 spectrum.

This student-centricity manifests itself in pioneering programmes and learning spaces that simulate the real world, provoke inquiry and investigation, analysis and experimentation, collaboration and communication, and innovation and creativity.

"As it's developed, they've realised that we actually need a separation of the sexes because we do need to deal with them separately,” Minister for Indigenous Affairs Nigel Scullion said."And so, we need a level of amenity to do that.

So, there's some infrastructure changes, there's some new fit out for the kitchen and we're providing 0,000 to do that."They believe they're going to provide a much better level of amenities and a much better service as consequence.”Gumbi Gumbi is a not-for-profit organisation that provides rehabilitation services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people affected by alcohol, drugs and volatile substances."Through the Indigenous Advancement Strategy, the Coalition Government has provided million over three years to support Gumbi Gumbi to provide culturally-appropriate care to First Australians,” said Minister Scullion.STEAM provides students with: Campuses CIS has two campuses on the island, Lakeside in the west, and Tanjong Katong in the east.Both campuses are conveniently located near public transport and are a short drive from most expat communities - both in the centre of Singapore and in the East Coast area.At CIS, students are instilled with a sense of drive, purpose and a determination to achieve.Today’s students are in a unique position; they are the first generation to face a world where exam results alone no longer dictate success.Globally networked GWA (Singapore) is part of GEMS Education, the world leader in K-12 education, with a network of over 80 schools in more than 10 countries including the US, UK, UAE, France and Switzerland.