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Years later, when he was researching his article, he went back and asked Grandma why she said what she said.

She then broke down the difference between dating and going steady as she understood it.

Getting over a breakup is rarely easy, but her words resonated with me in an uncomfortable way. As the Creator of humankind and the world’s first matchmaker, God can teach us more than a few things about finding the person who is right for us.

As he went on to contrast how his two sons were taking advantage of this most expensive dating service, I sat back to nurse my shock.Didn’t we go to college to, you know, get a degree?At this point in my life, instead of focusing on being single or married, it’s more important to focus on being happy and living the fulfilling life God wants with the people I enjoy being with.“Lead an active life serving the Lord, and be happy and content being who you are,” says Laura Davidson of Crossville, Tennessee, who got married at age 25 after God dropped Mr. That’s a solid recipe for personal happiness, and a great place to be while we wait on the Lord for whatever He has in store for us.So when I went to college and met a nice guy and started dating with the intent to get married, I couldn’t understand why they were mortified. During that relationship my mom told me I should be “dating around,” meeting lots of people, and getting to know different personality types.

This was the same advice given to a young Umstattd by his grandmother when he first discussed dating with her.What we are left with today can be considered a hybrid of courtship and dating methods.However, many stories have since surfaced from people hurt by the more extreme view of not dating anyone until you believe God presented “the one.” Tales emerged from those who never dated and are still single in their late 30s and early 40s, and other stories come from those who married the first person they courted, only to divorce.Dating in Grandma’s generation meant dating casually and getting to know many different people. Today we’d look at it as the difference between hanging out and being in a relationship.For the most part, hanging out and hooking up is the direction the secular dating scene has gone.Because of personal accounts like these, Harris has recently publicly apologized to those hurt by the message in his books.